We have an assortment of several thousand items that are ready for decoration. This whole huge wardrobe with promotional clothes has changed a lot over the years and the catalog of distributors too. The changes took place mainly in the production technology and quality itself.  Ethics is the key these days and now nothing on the Western B2B market can reach a client without the supervision of several key organizations. We take the ethical credentials of our supply chain very seriously and mostly work with brands and manufacturers who are members of the following organizations like PETA, Fair Wear, Fair Labour Association etc.

This idea does not only apply to the production of clothes itself, but also to waste management and other ethical activities on doorstep. In our sector now we also have to try and move forward making our products more responsibly so our aim is to collaborate with as many ethical and sustainable producers as possible. We want to be part of the movement that brings you organic, recycled and sustainable garments. So all this led to the fact that our catalogs of distributors have the Sustainable & Organic category containing products made of organic cotton, recycled PPE plastic, regenerated and/ or recovered and Vege.

Just because this is the most important for us we want to introduce you to a companies that basically has products from the categories above and are our main providers for the headwear and garment. As our main activity, we made sure to have access to the best distributors of headwear in the UK. 

It is worth checking and asking us about availability and price.

The availability is a key so it is the first thing to be checked by us before we decide to proceed with your order.


“We aim to reduce our environmental impact by embarking on a new journey towards a more sustainable business model. Follow our journey to sustainable headwear and accompany us along this path through our products and projects for a better future.”

Flexfit is a statement headwear brand centred around evolution and innovation. Being flexible is at the core of everything it does, working relentlessly to introduce the most relevant styles and performance technologies to its range.


We were the innovators of the wholesale women’s fitted T-shirt in Europe (the “Continental Fit”), and we continue to lead the way in innovation, design and sustainability. We focus on creating high quality, expertly styled and responsibly manufactured garments for markets such as fashion retail, music merchandise, corporate promotions and leisure. 

According to Brand Performance Check made by Fair Wear: 

Continental Clothing Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Continental) has shown advanced results on performance indicators. The benchmarking score of 79 means that Fair Wear has again awarded Continental the ‘Leader’ status. Although the monitoring threshold does not determine the category this year, Continental has fulfilled the monitoring requirements at suppliers responsible for 100% of its production volume.

…” It is difficult for consumers to really know what we are buying and how the product has been manufactured. Even worse, it can sometimes be difficult for the supplier to know all involved in the production chain. To help with this we have our third party certifications that offer guidance for both manufacturers and consumers with its labelling. Third party certifications grants the following for you as a consumer; 

• Full traceability from fiber to garment. All steps and suppliers in the chain are documented.

• Examination and verification to secure that the standards have been met, done by a neutral organization with no connection to the supplier.

• Yearly audits and inspections to secure that the manufacturers meet the standards.

• Environmental labelling which are well known by consumers who can easily identify a sustainable product. “

Multi Brand Catalog 

We’re a family-owned and family-run company. Trust, honesty and integrity underpin everything we do. We strive to be a business to be proud of and feel that the community should be a better place for having our business in it.  

As a wholesale clothing distributor, we also recognise our moral responsibilities. So, we work hard to make sure our business operations are ethical, and we expect the same standards from our business partners and suppliers.  

We also work hard to improve the sustainability of our operations. This includes actively seeking out greener, more efficient methods and technologies to reduce our carbon footprint and energy consumption.  

One of our key values as a business is to always be responsible, doing the right thing for our people, our community and our planet. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve.