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Home for DIY Bands

Oi! Ya all. Let me introduce ourselves. We’ve been around for a few good years now, supporting the local scene, bands, promoters and audience as video makers. 

We have been a DIY collective since 2014 knowing and binging in legendary places like The Grosvenor, 100 club, T-Chances and the Unicorn Canden documenting gigs on our cameras and mics. Besides that we are a small family run business with over tens of years experience in printing and clothing in PL where the home is. Our aim is to provide customised gear making sure we are inclusive, accessible and ethical by all means. 

Going back to PL in the 90’s Tutek was engaged in the clothing industry. He had run alongside his business partner clothes store and screen print studio. He was also a sales representative for promotional clothing and other advertising products that collaborated with both corporations and independent brands. Now is the time to come back to the old passion of decorating clothes and support it as Printshop of LDP. 

Being fascinated by both independent music and cloth decorating and with knowledge of embroidery, screen, sublimation printing and heat transfer techniques as well as cooperating with specialists from the UK and working with specialist software we are able to offer high quality service and complete solutions. 

So whenever you are into the independent music scene, craft, art, creative process we are here to meet your needs and play along to create something that is unique and sustainable made. As you see we care for our planet so all equipment and materials that are being used all the way during the process are green with zero waste and based on a fair trade approach. 

Well that would be all for now so come for your grabs and tell us how you want to express yourself and pass the message to the world  whenever going to the fest or fucking mushroom picking. Stay put cheeky bastards. See you in the pit.