We offer a wide selection of thousands of items ready for customization. Our extensive range of promotional clothing has undergone significant changes over the years, including updates to our distributor catalog. These changes primarily revolved around advancements in production technology and improved product quality.

In today’s business-to-business market, ethical considerations have become paramount. No product can reach clients in the Western market without the oversight of key organizations. At our company, we take the ethical credentials of our supply chain seriously. We prioritize working with brands and manufacturers who are members of reputable organizations such as PETA, Fair Wear, and the Fair Labour Association.

Our commitment to ethics extends beyond just the production of clothes. We also focus on waste management and other ethical practices. In our industry, it is crucial to move towards more responsible production methods. Consequently, we strive to collaborate with as many ethical and sustainable producers as possible.

We are proud to be part of the movement that promotes organic, recycled, and sustainable garments. As a result, our distributor catalogs now include a dedicated Sustainable & Organic category. This category showcases products made from organic cotton, recycled PPE plastic, regenerated and/or recovered materials, and vegan alternatives.