We have an assortment of several thousand items that are ready for decoration. This whole huge wardrobe with promotional clothes has changed a lot over the years and the catalog of distributors too. The changes took place mainly in the production technology and quality itself.  Ethics is the key these days and now nothing on the Western B2B market can reach a client without the supervision of several key organizations. We take the ethical credentials of our supply chain very seriously and mostly work with brands and manufacturers who are members of the following organizations like PETA, Fair Wear, Fair Labour Association etc.

This idea does not only apply to the production of clothes itself, but also to waste management and other ethical activities on doorstep. In our sector now we also have to try and move forward making our products more responsibly so our aim is to collaborate with as many ethical and sustainable producers as possible. We want to be part of the movement that brings you organic, recycled and sustainable garments. So all this led to the fact that our catalogs of distributors have the Sustainable & Organic category containing products made of organic cotton, recycled PPE plastic, regenerated and/ or recovered and Vege.